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Signalise Co-op Community Share Offer

I wish I had time to keep this blog updated. It is a bit hard when at Signalise HQ, things are all go! I’m going to tell you why we need you to invest and what is in it for you…

The background to the co-op is being a group of interpreters and Deaf people who can come together and design better interpreting services, also using technology, in a way that benefits all users including the organisations who pay for our services.

In order to win contracts and build the business, faster than normal, we need investment. Why? To be in the best place we can be to gain contracts and affect change. Your investment will pay for business infrastructure and more innovation to enable us to reduce overheads and have competitive pricing, innovate, offer added value, support our communities.

What is in it for you?

  • 30% tax relief that you can choose to take in the last financial year or this one
  • up to 5% interest – you don’t get that at a bank
  • be an investor member and be involved in the co-op – you get a vote
  • a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have supported Signalise!

The next £30,000 of investments are also match-funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery so your investment goes even further.

As individual interpreters or Deaf people, we cannot change how interpreting services are delivered. The organisations that book our services need businesses to provide interpreting. It is time for a co-op to be that business, collectively bringing interpreters and Deaf people together to deliver better services that interpreters and Deaf people are both properly involved in and own collectively for the very first time.

Please invest today and be part of the change we need to see, for all of us.

Ethex blog on match-funding.

Investments are taken via the Ethex platform and you will need to answer a series of questions about understanding the risk. You can find more information in the Share Offer document under Q&A (see documents on the Ethex page) and a BSL translation is available.

If you need help please contact