Stop Changes Campaign Launches Fighting Fund to take DWP to court over Discriminatory AtW Changes

stop changes logo
The Stop Changes to AtW campaign was set up to give representation to Deaf people about AtW. It now consists of 7 Deaf people and 3 hearing and includes experienced campaigners.
The petition was launched in November 2013 with a target of 6,000 signatories and featured on this blog in the same month. At the time of writing it is only 8 people short of 6,000! If you haven’t signed yet make sure that you do, anyone working with Deaf people will have heard of the discriminatory changes made by Access to Work. As part of the Specialist Employment Support for Disabled People budget which is protected by government. Yet the money seems to be unaccounted for and spent in ways that are  not benefitting the people the funding is supposed to support.
What next for the campaign? Not content with a petition they have been supporting a Deaf person to review their case. It is now with a barrister and a fighting fund is being raised in order to take the case to a judicial review. If successful the review will benefit all Deaf people who are being affected by the DWP’s discrimination and Deaf people will be able to hold the DWP to account.
Read more about the fighting fund and donate now!