Being away…


This blog has been inactive for a while as I’ve been completing my Masters (got a distinction), volunteering for NUBSLI (brilliant experience, stood down to go on maternity leave) and had my second child (now a year ago). I currently have other family commitments too. All of this plus the complexities of being a working mum, leaves little spare time.
I’ve left the blog up as the articles mostly represent a historical record of the failed 2011 Ministry of Justice interpreting contract from my perspective as a Sign Language Interpreter. Although this was the main impetus for starting this blog, articles have covered the creeping privatisation of our work from around that time, problems with Access to Work funding, issues with fees, NUBSLI’s work, membership organisations, the problems of regulatory/registration bodies and the general state of our profession.
Will there be more writing to come? There is much I have missed over the last year or so that I may well come back to write about but for now the blog stays up as it is. Before I write any more posts, I am committed to canvassing for the Labour party leading up to the general election in June which takes up much of my remaining spare time!

Blog: Why Interpreters have joined Unite the Union

Nicky Evans writes that by having a union we areĀ ensuring that deaf people are able to access fully qualified and suitably skilled professionals.
After the BDA’s hardly publicised report into AtW, one of their case studies lost their job. On a probationary period for six months without access to interpreters due to a lack of AtW funding, this Deaf person lost their job. Everyday interpreters are seeing examples on the ground of Deaf people not able to access interpreters or spending so much time trying to call their allocated AtW Advisor that they can not get on with their work.
The union is not just about interpreters and protecting our pay but ensuring that Deaf people can keep their jobs too. Are you a Deaf person that has been effected by the cuts and can provide evidence that the union can use? Contact them via