Why did these interpreters join NUBSLI?

why-i-joined-nubsliIf you are a BSL Interpreter or Translator and reside in the UK you should have received a mail out earlier this week from NUBSLI. If you missed it by email or social media here is the link to the video (English subtitles available). For more news and updates about NUBSLI’s work please see The Nub, NUBSLI’s news page.

NUBSLI is a branch of Unite which is growing rapidly. The interpreters on the video are explaining why they joined. They understand the importance of fighting for quality of access for Deaf people in all areas, for their jobs and ours. The interpreting profession in the UK has never been under more threat than it is now. Act now and join the fight at NUBSLI now. If you’ve already joined, keep checking your emails for updates and pass on the news. The more interpreters that join, the more we can all do.